The Lakeside Theatre Company (based in Toledo, OH) is dedicated to fostering a resurgence of comedic and dramatic classics. Our focus will be to offer our audiences the opportunity to experience professional productions by major American playwrights and to celebrate the overwhelming power of theatre to illuminate the human condition. We hope to share the excitement of live theatre as it unfolds in real time. Welcome to the home of TLTC!

Upcoming Production

Our Town

by Thornton Wilder

A poignant and beautiful portrait of small-town life in the fictional town of Grover’s Corners, written by three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thornton Wilder. A beloved American Classic, first produced in 1938, the play spans the years 1901 – 1913. The simplicity of the play belies its powerful message about living in the moment and finding value in the smallest events of our daily lives. In today’s world of cellphones, social media, and YouTube, it is almost more relevant now than when it was written. You will be transported!


Dates: Aug. 19th, 2021 – Aug. 29th, 2021
Venue: Maumee Indoor Theatre