The Lakeside Theatre Company (based in Toledo, OH) is dedicated to fostering a resurgence of comedic and dramatic classics. Our focus will be to offer our audiences the opportunity to experience professional productions by major American playwrights and to celebrate the overwhelming power of theatre to illuminate the human condition. We hope to share the excitement of live theatre as it unfolds in real time. Welcome to the home of TLTC!

Upcoming Productions


By Lee Blessing

Eleemosynary by American Playwright Lee Blessing, won the prestigious Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award in 1997. The play focuses on the lives of three generations of Wesbrook women. Blessing presents fragmented vignettes of the lives of the three women as they struggle to define themselves both as individuals and as part of a family unit. In this poignant and mature study of familial relationships, Blessing highlights the human need for connection and forgiveness.

Dates: September 12th –September 15th
Venue: Maumee Indoor Theater


Performance Dates

  • Thursday, September 12th @ 8:00pm (Reception Following)
  • Friday, September 13th @ 2:00pm
  • Friday, September 13th @ 8:00pm
  • Saturday, September 14th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, September 14th @ 8:00pm
  • Sunday, September 15th @ 2:00pm

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