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Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for our 2023 Season will be taking place on:

  • Saturday, May 6 th , 2023 – Noon to 4:30pm
  • Sunday, May 7 th , 2023 – Noon to 4:30pm
  • Monday, May 8 th – 6pm – 8:30pm

We will be auditioning for “I Remember Mama” (all female version) and for “The Shop Around The Corner” (radio play). WE WILL BE SEEING BOTH EQUITY AND NON- EQUITY ACTORS!! Casting is all-inclusive; we are looking for very diverse types. Even if we are familiar with your work, we would love to see you again!!

Auditions will be held at The Maumee Indoor Theatre at 601 Conant Street, Maumee, OH. Please go towards the back (smaller) theatre to check in. Both productions will be performed in the small theatre at The Maumee Indoor.

IMPORTANT: Auditions will be by appointment only. Please email us at thelakesidetheatrecompany@gmail.com. Please provide your name and phone # along with desired date and time OR give us a call at 917-885-7450 and we will return your call promptly.

For the Auditions, please prepare One two-minute monologue. In addition, you will be asked to read sides that will be provided at the auditions. Please bring a pic and resume if you have them. If not, do not worry.

If you cannot make any of the audition dates and/or times, we will be happy to find another day/time that works for you.


I Remember Mama

Production Dates Sept. 14 th – Sept. 24 th , 2023. Rehearsals will begin in August. We try to be flexible with rehearsals to accommodate actor’s schedules.

PLEASE NOTE: This production will be inspired by the Off-Broadway version done by The Transport Group in 2014; ten female identifying actresses from 45 years of age and older will play all 25 roles.


  • MAMA – loves her family, warm, open, giving. Norwegian dialect.
  • KATRIN – Teenager, loves her family, at times selfish, wants to be a hard-boiled writer, but is kind and good-hearted.
  • AUNT JENNY/MADELINE/BELL BOY – Jenny is domineering/Madeline is teenager
  • MR. HYDE/UNCLE CHRIS – Mr. Hyde – slightly seedy, shabby gentleman in his fifties, rather old fashioned, English actor type. Uncle Chris (Norwegian Dialect) – elderly, powerful man with a limp. Intimidates people. His bark is louder than his bite. Actually kind and funny.
  • AUNT TRINA/SODA CLERK – Aunt Trina is very timid, mouselike.
  • AUNT SIGRID/2ND NURSE/DOROTHY – Sigrid is a whiny/complaining unhappy woman. Nurse is officious/Dorothy teenager friend of Krisin
  • NELS/MR. THORKELSON – Nels – Son in the family; tries to do the right thing and behave like an ‘adult’. Mr. Thorkelson – a terrified little man
  • DAGMAR/JESSIE (YESSIE)/1ST NURSE – The baby of the family; little girl of eight. Loves her cat, very playful and open as a child. Completely trusting. Jessie – Quiet, calm, unassuming lover of Uncle Chris; former nurse. Nurse – officious
  • CHRISTINE/F.D.MOORHEAD – Christine – young teenager, cool, aloof, matter-of-fact, slightly ‘above it all’ like teens are. F. D. Moorhead – Very successful and popular middle aged writer; straight-forward, well-dressed, good natured.
  • PAPA/DR. JOHNSON/ARNE – Papa (Norwegian Dialect) – kind, loving father; dotes on his children…hard worker. Dr. Johnson – family doctor, has a bit of an ego, but a good man and doctor. Arne – young child, Nephew, quiet, a good kid.

The Shop Around The Corner

Production Dates Dec. 7 th – Dec. 10 th , 2023. Rehearsals will begin in November. We try to be flexible with rehearsals to accommodate actor’s schedules. No rehearsals on Thanksgiving.

PLEASE NOTE: This production will be performed on book as a Radio Play. We will be looking for actors who sing (if possible).


  • MATUSCHEK – Kindly shop owner; 60’s – 70’s (CAST)
  • KAREN – Eager young shop woman; a romantic: 20’s – 30’s
  • ALFRED – Up and coming salesman at shop; a romantic: 30’s – 40’s
  • FLORA – Flirty young saleswoman: 20’s – 40’s
  • PETERS – Flashy, smarmy salesman: 30’s – 40’s JOEY – young intern at shop: Late Teens to 20’s
  • PIROVITCH – Older shopworker; kind-hearted – 50’s – 80’s Various small roles: Detective, Customers
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